29 Oct 2013

Flipping Out on #Flipkart!

A friend of mine is really unhappy with the way Flipkart is dealing with her pending reversal of credit card dues.

Here’s the version from her –

It been an absolutely terrible interaction with flipkart for one of the orders I placed with them mid August. Worse still has been an absolute lack of customer orientation in their entire chain.
Placed an order on 18h August with a delivery time of 5-7 days and paid for it by credit card… No delivery till first week September. Call up to check  and they said it could not b delivered “ as a wrong address had been put by the vendor”…(really!!!!).. anyways asked them to cancel the order and asked for a refund, which was to take 5-7 working days . Now 8 weeks and 12 calls later, I am still chasing them for MY money for a product which could not be delivered due to THEIR mistake…
Few commons phrases they use in their customer interaction which just put me off
1.       I understand your problem  – Boss you don’t understand my problem. If you did you would be aiming to solve it, instead of giving me gyan on ‘internal policies”
2.       M’am you can talk to my supervisor – who by the way is equally ‘unauthorised” to help you
3.       We will talk to our back office operations and come back to you – really!!!
4.       We will call u in 24 hours – which in the last 8 calls, they never have
To top it all, inspite of so many escalations no individual in the system is willing to take responsibility and given you a direct access. When I asked to talk to Mr Dharma (who it seems heads their customer service), the pat reply was “ we are not authorized to let customers talk to him”… well well… this must be the new “thing” in customer service which I missed, where the Director of customer service does not talk to customers J