06 Nov 2013

Is Social Media just a tick in the box?

You’ve got your new business set up. You’ve got a five-year plan. You’ve got the funding.

The space, the resources, the will to succeed. And, you’ve been smart enough to add marketing to the mix.

Not only that, you are a new age entrepreneurial venture. You’ve added social media!!!!


You’re all set to succeed. You are all set to gear up for all the numbers that will come in.

But are you set up for failure?

Are you prepared for something going wrong? To give you an example here’s what happened with a friend on #Flipkart.

Read the post here. http://customerdark.blogspot.in/2013/10/flipping-out-on-flipkart.html

In short, it’s just a cancelled transaction.  But to make it long it has taken two months for #Flipkart to reverse the transaction and even now there is no sign of ANYONE in #Flipkart knowing what to do about it and doing something about it.

Last week I posted that on my blog. An overeager social media team responded. Saying they will get in touch.

After more ‘social media’ interaction a call was made to my friend. It took 24 hours for that call.

The call? Said that they would get back in touch.After that there was SILENCE.

Once again, I tweeted.

The overeager social media team promptly responded (A big WOW for getting social media right.)

But the response sadly was a lie. They insisted they had sent an email. No sign of an email even today. Wonder who the team sent it to.

My point is:

You’ve got your business set up for success.

How about for failure?

You’ve got your social media right.

How about your backend responding to the demands of social media?

You’ve got your listening services sorted.

How about actually ‘listening’ to what the customer is saying?

And to repeat what I said earlier – can the customer services officer please please speak to the customer?
Was social media just a tick in the box?  

Really #Flipkart… you’ve disappointed a whole lot of people.

As of now(8th Nov 2013) this matter has been sorted. Thanks

One thought on “Is Social Media just a tick in the box?”

  1. I am the friend who is going through this “awful” expereince with Flipkart.

    Flipkart relegiously calls me after every post (a different person everytime !!!) to understand the problem and with a sincere promise to call back in 24hours and keep me updated…and then there is silence…

    totally agree that the backend systems are not geared up and of course customer service is taking a new meaning….

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