10 Nov 2016

How global is your organization’s mindset?

Increasingly organisations are working across boundaries. Most people brag about leading teams across borders. Then people talk about there being no geographical borders any more thanks to technology.
Yes, but there is an invisible line that separates us. A line that not many want to see or acknowledge.
And that’s the line that separates cultures. The cultural barriers can make or break conversations, can build or destroy teams, can augur or mar productivity.
So it’s time to ask yourself not how global your organization is but how global your mindset is.

Cultural differences may not necessarily hinder
Cultural differences are really not hindrances if you know why or how a particular culture behaves. Most of the times it is mere lack of knowledge or presumptions that lead to misunderstandings. In an increasingly divisive world, this is the time to actually break those invisible barriers that exist and see how much more complementary a global team that understands each other can be.

Cross-culture immersion
Across countries, continents and cultures, cross culture immersion of global teams is the answer. It helps in bringing up unsaid subjects, getting unasked questionsanswered and building teams across borders that are more focused, more effective and much more complementary to each other.

If you are looking at building a strong team like this, call on us and let’s talk. Whether it’s diversity of culture or two country cultures, we can help a global organization build a global mindset.