26 May 2017

Why ideas matter. No matter what you do.

Book Review: Unlock the Real Power of Ideation

R. Sridhar’s book, Unlock the Real Power of Ideation, was launched yesterday (25th May 2017) with an engaging panel discussion, a brilliant ‘book-cake’ cutting and a ‘fam-jam’ of the Ogilvy family and some doyens of the industry.

When I moved out of the advertising industry to the IT industry a lot of my colleagues in the new place would look at me as if I was something from another planet, roll their eyes and say, “Oh you – creative types!” Some said it with a sense of wonder, some with disdain, some with plain curiosity – as if trying to figure out if I shared the same blood group as other human beings.

This is how creativity is viewed by most people and this is what R. Sridhar’s new book: Unlock the Real Power of Ideation – addresses in a clear and succinct manner. The point here is that ideas are everyone’s domain provided they are encouraged, cultivated and brought to life in a precise manner. Today the world moves forward on ideas and here’s one book that shows how it can be done.

Why should you absolutely buy this book?

The book defines the entire process of ideation – not just the how but the why, too. And that makes it very important. Written in an easy conversational style, devoid of jargon and obtuse terminology, the book is a simple way of understanding the entire process of coming up with great ideas and how to go about making them happen. More importantly, it tells you that you need it and why.

I find Sridhar’s matter-of-fact approach makes this book very lucid reading and of course, very easy to follow. But don’t get me wrong, it does not mean you can do your own facilitation. In his characteristically frank manner, Sridhar explains why you do need an experienced facilitator to ensure that ideas are nurtured the way they should be.

In a world increasingly stuck in the moment, wanting quick fixes and snap decisions, taking some time to step back and looking at innovation and ideation in a unique way is important.  Sridhar’s book, Unlock the real power of ideation helps you do just that: to ensure that you know how to spring forward with new ideas.

The book’s out now and available on Amazon. Pick up your copy!

Kindle Copy?

Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=unlock+the+real+power+of+ideation

Or walk in to Crossword and pick up your copy. (I did. And mine is signed! Ha!)