22 Jun 2017

Scraps & straws


Jeremy Bullmore once said: “People build brands as birds build nests, from scraps and straws we chance upon.”

This quote by Jeremy Bullmore was never truer than today. Indeed with media more fragmented than ever before and attention spans reducing to nanoseconds, it’s even a wonder there exists something called brand loyalty.

Truly, scraps and straws are lining brand nests these days and what every brand needs to do is to line this nest well enough for the customers. Which means that every interaction with the customer needs to be that scrap, that straw that adds to the final picture. Easy, right?

As easy as putting a jigsaw puzzle together – but one that is constantly changing – evolving – growing. And that’s where the branding experts come in. To make sense of a dynamic landscape, to bring clarity out of chaos and bring constancy in a world that’s changing every minute.

So where is your brand today? And where is it going tomorrow? If your brand is not keeping pace with the times, it is already history. You need to stay a step ahead of your best customer. Your brand needs to always present it’s best self – at all times, everywhere. And you need to do all this yesterday.

So here’s a new series – Scraps & straws. Our learnings on branding, a glimpse into customer experience, a window to cross culture, memorable moments and sometimes, simply what makes the world go round for a brand. Insights, opinions and viewpoints. Sometimes numbers. Wisdom or the lack of it. It’s all going to be here.

Feel free to add your views, opinions and experiences. Scraps. Straws. Anything to share. We’re building this nest too!