21 Sep 2017

Scraps&Straws #12 Heralding the Yellow

Today is the first day of the Navratri, the nine nights of festivities that will culminate in Dussehra – the triumph of good over evil.

Wear yellow today!

Bring on the sunshine, the cheer, the joyous spirit! Yellow is the colour of optimism, of hope, of confidence. As sure as sunrise, yellow stands for positivity. Here are some examples of how well yellow is used in logos.

There’s more! Yellow signifies Learning (Hey! Heard about Abacus Yellow’s training modules? That’s why the yellow comes in, just in case you were wondering) Ever wondered why initially all pencils were yellow?

Yellow also stands for caution. The amber traffic light. The yellow police vests. The yellow ribbon or the yellow line demarcating boundaries. All say: Hey! Be Careful! And yes, in terms of drawing attention, now you know why the traditional cabs were yellow! (Before the apps, guys, before the apps! There was a time when you stood on the road and hail

ed a cab down, remember?)

So bring on that extra dose of confidence, pencil in some learning and be sure the Goddess is smiling upon you!

And yes, tomorrow’s colour is Green!

Part of a series on the significance of colour in branding and logo design.

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