22 Mar 2018

3 Important tips for better Cross Culture Understanding

Cross culture understanding comes with a bit of awareness and empathy.Working with another country culture is not easy.Just because you speak the same language does not mean you are saying the same thing. When working as a team, say with Indians, here are three vital things to remember –

1. Don’t jump to conclusions

It’s okay to ask questions. Sometimes you may not realise why are person is saying something or doing something. While you may presume it to be something it could be something totally different. It’s best to ask the reason why it is being done in a particular way.

2. Build on the similarities

While you may be find yourself working with a colleague from Asia or Europe, you know that you do have the same tastes, say in music, or even the same attitude to food or family. Build on that. It makes sense to find something that’s common and build on it to create a relationship that is forged on mutual respect and trust. Get that into your team work and it will succeed

3.Work around the differences

There are bound to be differences. Not just because your team member comes from another country, but because you are two different individuals. It makes sense to work around these, find common ground or meet halfway and see how things work best.

There are so many ways to succeed in a diverse team.  But start with these three and you are already on your way to a better cross-culture relationship.

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