13 Mar 2018

Cross Cultural Conversations #1

I walk into a room that is seems to be partitioned.  Not in the real sense of the word, but you-can-cut-the-air-with-a-knife kind of feeling. There are two factions here, although neither will ever mention that. That would be ‘politically incorrect’, wouldn’t it.

It’s always Us vs Them.
It’s the In-group vs Out-group.
It’s your country vs mine (and guess which one is better!)

And yet I find that one simple solution to it.

Just one.

And it’s made of universal stuff. Smiles. Hand shakes. Back slaps. High-fives. Eye-openers. And yes, words!

It’s called Conversation. Cross-cultural Conversations

Over the last hundred meetings, sessions or ‘conversations’ that I have held or hosted with Indians and people from another country, I’ve found one thing that has always been missing – conversations.

Not just any conversation but a meaningful one.

A conversation which is open and free of bias.

A conversation that has as many answers as there are questions.

A conversation that may even have answers without questions.

A conversation that explores not just words, but beliefs, nuances, rituals and practices.

Once you open the right conversation, it never stops. The floodgates are unlocked. The barriers drop. The curtain is lifted. And what happens is a mingling of more of the same – a sharing of the same angst, the same worries, the same joys, similar woes, likes, dislikes fads and fantasies. All across borders. Across cultures. Across walls.

Cross Cultural Conversations.

This is part of a new series that I want to explore. As it is stated in ancient Indian scriptures – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The world is one family.

Here’s the beginning to explore this family – one family at a time. One day at a time. One conversation at a time. One cross-cultural conversation that opens many windows.

Do follow me as I journey west and east of India in the course of my conversations. And say your bit! It’s all about conversations remember?