10 Oct 2018

Out of the Blue

It’s upon us once again: the festive season. With the start of the Navratri – the Nine Nights of the Divine Feminine. It matters not whether you celebrate it or not, there is a so much ‘singing and dancing’ around this one that you simply cannot ignore it. This year we start the day one of this festival with the colour blue!

For everything that blue represents, it’s the most used colour for logos globally.

BLUE is Calm and Logical. Stands for : Serenity – Stability – Peacefulness.

Blue is associated with the sky and the ocean, which both evoke feelings of tranquility and security. It has also been proven that people are the most productive when they work in blue rooms. Blue is also known to curb appetites, and although it is not as attention-grabbing as colors like red or yellow, blue is also the most popular favorite color of both men and women. This means that it is universally well-liked – a great quality in an image that is meant to be associated with your company.

With blue, the less said, the better. Let’s talk in pictures.

Do you know 42% of people say blue is their favourite colour.

If blue inspires trust, you can see how these logos have benefited (and don’t miss the social media successes!)

And there’s so much to blue… here’s an infographic!

Which basically means, that when it comes to blue…

the sky is the limit!

Watch this space tomorrow for our blog on tomorrow’s colour – Yellow!


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