16 Oct 2018

The Passion in the Red

Discover the Passion in the Red

STOP! It’s time for Red now!

It’s time to draw all your attention to the high energy, high activity, high energy colour.

Think of all the brands that use red and you’ll sit up and take notice.

Gimme Red” proclaimed a popular brand of battery cells, some years ago – bringing in the energy, the light and the passion of the colour into the brand.

Closer home two popular telecom brands are red – making sparks fly when people connect with each other.

Bringing in passion of the red with the boldness and the fire, here’s a quick view of what red stands for.

There’s the familiar red of Coca-cola.

And then there’s the legend of Santa’s Red uniform having emanated from a popular campaign by the iconic drink. While it’s not entirely true, Coke did popularise the Santa uniform in red. And that’s a red you’re unlikely to forget!

Of course, bring red into your logo if you want fire, passion and energy infused into your brand. In fact, red and blue are the most common logo colours across the world. But do temper red down with another colour like Grey, Black, White or Blue to bring in an element of balance.

For today wear red. And tomorrow, it’s sky blue!

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