26 Feb 2019

Crossing the Chasm: In leaps and bounds!

The #LEGO(R) SERIOUSPLAY(R) Session at the LinkedIn Local NaviMumbai

#LinkedInLocal NaviMumbai spearheaded by Kalpesh Rachuria has been organising some stellar meetups! This was my first one – but definitely not my last! To introduce the possibilities of the Lego SeriousPlay Facilitation Methodology, Kalpesh worked with Laxman and Mandar to see what could be done.

The theme: Crossing the Chasm

Crossing the Chasm was the theme for the latest LinkedInLocal Navi Mumbai held on Sunday, February 24th 2019. It was one of those Sundays where you leapt not just from one week to another but from Dream to Destination, from Point A to Point B!

20 participants with 4 of us facilitators took that wonderful leap and crossed the chasm with a short session of LEGO(R) SERIOUSPLAY(R). LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a facilitation methodology that can solve simple to complex problems. It’s a methodology where the hands do the thinking.

LEGO Bricks
This is how the fun began!

Crossing the Chasm: 40 hands that did the thinking!

The theme that emerged was Crossing the Chasm – as in how do you take that one leap that will help you reach your goals overcoming all the naysayers, the obstacles and even the voices in your head. Over the next few hours 20 heads bent down to work. But it was the hands that did the thinking!  As model after model emerged, the clouds dispersed and over some models, some sharing and some reflection, everyone took a few tentative steps forward, a few backward and then… made a leap!

Great Leap for networking

Thank you to our lead facilitator @Laxman Murugappan. Thanks to my co-facilitators @Jithesh @Mandar. We were not participants, but on Sunday we took a little leap too. A leap forward, in the reward and satisfaction we got in the glowing faces of people who had just emerged from a cloud. For all of us the day began and ended with meeting absolutely wonderful, talented people with purpose, individuals with dreams and aspirations who were doing significantly different and original work and persons who had decided that this was the Sunday they were going to take a running leap of faith in crossing the chasm!

#LinkedInLocalNaviMumbai Hosts – Thank you!

Crossing the Chasm happened so smoothly thanks to Kalpesh and Shalaka Raichura. You guys were wonderful and gracious hosts. Thank you.

Sagar and Mayur Amlani: Great to see your enthusiasm to come all the way from Hyderabad. Thanks also to Sagar who shared with us some cool LinkedIn tips and tricks and got us connected even faster!

Bhaskar Sarma: It was wonderful to have you on ‘my’ table! Looking forward to seeing you again.

Shweta Ojha: we will meet again soon, won’t we?

And of course, thanks to my network partners @dineshparab and @roopalparab of PixelMagic… hope you guys discovered the magic I’ve been talking about!

Thanks also to all the wonderful people I met and connected with. We will remain in touch on LinkedIn and maybe meet up again. There’s so much to learn from each one of you!

For all those who were there, thank you for being wonderfully participative. For those who couldn’t make (I know… Sunday… right?) there are other Saturdays and Sundays on the horizon!

Take the leap. Cross the chasm. There’s still time to discover the possibilities of LEGO SERIOUSPLAY!

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