11 Oct 2019

In the foreseeable future…

In the foreseeable future. How often have we heard or used this expression. And yet, how many of us are visionaries that have actually seen, foreseen or envisaged the future.

Projections and analytics apart who really knows what the future is going to bring.

Foresee the future. Enter LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

In a carefully designed workshop, co-created with a sponsor by a Certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator (this IS important) you can actually envisage, create and ‘play’ future scenarios that can impact your brand, your team, your people and your business. It’s simple and complex at the same time. It’s also unbelievably impactful. Reason? The team that creates it in the workshop is vested in it. The team that has ‘imagined’ the future scenarios on paper now see them happening in 3 D. The team that built a symbolic landscape now see it stormed in reality. This is real. This is happening and this creates impact.

In the foreseeable future: here’s the landscape…

And what does the impact do? It sobers you down. Brings you to reality but also helps you decide the way forward. Guides you as a team to come up with certain principles – principles that will hold the team or even the organization in good stead through the thick and thin of future scenarios.
And that is when we can really say, ‘in the foreseeable future’.

Do you have something to envisage ‘in the foreseeable future’? Call or email us.

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