When you need an aerial view

22 Jan 2020

NEED A 30,000 FT VIEW?

Sometimes you need to step back and take a view of the entire picture, the whole landscape and its nuances. But unfortunately, an organisation, its people, its products and its customers are not easy to grasp in their entirety.

What you need is a helicopter view of the whole picture. This is what a well-designed workshop with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® can give you. An honest view of the organisation as a whole. It also helps you see the consequences of changing market conditions, global economic patterns or even for that matter, something as trivial as the absence of a colleague! You name it, you get it. And then you can really take a step back and see the scenario

Sometimes you need to step back to take honest decisions of how the juggernaut move forward (or backward or sideways, if you like). No other facilitation method offers you this 3 dimensional landscape. Not to mention the connections that can make or break the landscape – but that’s another post!

Watch this space for more.

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