22 Jan 2020



Some questions do not have ready answers.
Some questions don’t have a single answer.
Some questions have no right or wrong answers.

When there are no clear answers, the clarity comes from a LEGO(R) SERIOUS PLAY(R) workshop.

Unfortunately, almost all questions facing an organisation today have no clear answers. That’s because every organisation is complex and unique and has its own set of individual challenges.

This is why you need a problem-solving facilitated workshop with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®


  1. Collective potential of the group harnessed
  2. No one participant dominates
  3. Everyone contributes
  4. There’s honest dialogue and collaborative communication
  5. When the problem is complex

Plus you get more: insights, epiphanies, answers and a way forward. The truth is 80% of the neurons of our brain are connected to our fingertips. The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitation method asks participants to build models based on certain questions. Building the models leads to tapping into the deeper recesses of the brain leading to insights that are hitherto uptapped.

So if you have a complex problem, it’s time to pick up the bricks. With LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

A shared model of LSP

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitated meeting, communication and problem-solving method, where participants are led through a series of questions, which go deeper and deeper. Each participant builds his or her own three-dimensional LEGO model in response to the facilitator’s questions using specially selected LEGO bricks. These 3D models serve as the basis for group discussion, knowledge sharing, problem solving and decision-making. And therein comes consensus, commitment and collaboration. From ground up rather than top down. And that’s the way the organization functions at its best.

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