06 Mar 2020

Do you need a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop?

Chances are you do

If you are in an industry that is looking at progress you need a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop. You say you are in the Banking sector. Or was it Manufacturing. Oh! It’s the Pharmaceutical or Healthcare industry. Automobiles? FMCG. Well, whatever business you are in, whatever the industry, whatever the niche you are sure to benefit from a well-designed LEGO(R) SERIOUS PLAY(R) workshop.

Why would you need a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop?

Chances are you are looking at breakthrough growth in your business, Hospitality, for example.
Or you want to build a team that is able to take in the big picture and deliver. In the Marketing space.
It could also be that you are looking at breaking silos in the organisation, in the NGO Sector or is it ITES or even Education?

If you need strategic thinking

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Maybe you are grappling with your next big leap and that needs some strategic thinking.
And could it be you want to zero in on some plans 3 years from now?
You could also be wanting to restructure the organisation for which you need to see the structure as it stands now.
All these need a strategic exploration. And a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator.

You could look at the next steps for your launch

A LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop can help with your next big launch.
Or even the next event.
Your new initiative. Or rejuvenating your old initiative.
You could also look at a key problem that is challenging your growth initiative.
You could want to bring the entire ecosystem of stakeholders together.
As a principle, the Lego Serious Play Method comes from the belief that you know your organisation and its challenges the best. We can help facilitate the insights and the understanding that will lead to possible solutions.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY landscape is unique for every workshop

So do you need a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop?

Each industry, sector, organisation or individual is likely to have a set of challenging issues. Even if your arena is not mentioned, the Lego Serious Play Method can help facilitate insights, offer solutions and lead to breakthroughs. No matter what your sector, industry or business.
Want to know more about how it can help you? Leave a comment below (don’t worry, it’s moderated so we do read and respond to every comment) or email us on nishant@abacusyellow.com and we will start a dialogue.

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