100/100 Leadership Meetings

02 Mar 2020

Is your leadership meeting 20/80 or 100/100?

Your leadership meeting is on.
You have a problem to tackle and you have the right stakeholders.
Opinions are shared. Debated. And bandied around.
Some speak up. The others listen. Or lean back.
Still others are silent.
And before you know it two voices have dominated. Decision taken.
The meeting is over.
But have you got the best solution? No? Read on for that!

Is your leadership meeting is 20/80

Unfortunately most meetings take this predictable route. The loudest voices get heard. The most vocal is the most dominating. And not necessarily all that is spoken or agreed upon is the right thing for the organisation. 20 per cent of the participants hog 80 per cent of the attention. Even those who speak are operating at only 60 to 80 per cent of their potential. The remaining 80 per cent are down to contributing in single digit numbers. And they leave with the feeling of being burdened by decisions others have made.

Change your leadership meetings to 100/100

What can you as a leader do to change that? Leaders need to create meetings that are 100/100. Simply put that means that 100 per cent of the participants need to be contributing 100 per cent of their potential and yes, 100 per cent of the time. And what can enable that for you? Meetings, workshops and discussions facilitated by The Lego® Serious Play® Methodology.

4 ways the Lego® Serious Play® Methodology enables 100/100 leadership meetings

For starters, a Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) method is also called the Lean In Method. And here are only some reasons why it’s so much a 100/100 process. (Yes there are many others!)
1. In an LSP workshop 100 per cent of the participants are engaged 100 per cent of the time.
2. It means every one builds (a model), each one shares, and each one listens.
3. The focus is on the model in each meeting (not on the person). Result: more meaningful outcomes without any baggage.
4. Each one contributes their 100 per cent potential.

And there’s more…

An LSP workshop by its very nature of building models unlocks hidden knowledge. This means, that it taps on knowledge that you didn’t know you had. And that is true 100 per cent of the time for 100 per cent of the participants. This means it’s your organisation’s collective potential at a 100 per cent turbo. Can you imagine what that can do to your meetings?

So what kind of leadership meetings do you want?

You could opt for a substandard result. Or you could go for 100/100. The choice as a leader, is of course yours. If you want leadership meetings that produce not just results but also consensus and commitment, talk to us. Email me at vaishakhi@abacusyellow. com and we’ll give you our 100 per cent attention!

2 thoughts on “Is your leadership meeting 20/80 or 100/100?”

  1. Would be great to hear testimonials from people/companies that have used the Lego Serious Play method.

    What changed? What impact did it have on plans implemented?

    Would love to hear about that.

    1. Hey Sumit
      It all depends on what challenges we addressed in an organisation. For one of them we did a team-building exercise which resulted in a geographically distant team coming together and defining some guiding principles that would keep them aligned. At the end of the two-day workshop the team was like one in their vision of themselves as members of a team, their perspectives and their ability to gauge where they stand in respect to the team. They also came up with how they would work in the future. This was more at a ‘thought-level’ than transactional role descriptions. The team moved forward and we were supposed to work with another team in the organisation in March! And then COVID struck!

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