31 Mar 2020

March for Women

March was Women’s Month. And it started out strong. But somewhere it got hijacked by a dreaded little virus and took away all the attention. Today on the last day of March, here’s looking at women again. And getting once again inspired.

Because if we are to solve the world’s problems, we will need the feminine energy more than ever. Here… do share with the women who you think have even one of these traits!

And here’s the post that inspired the film.

4 thoughts on “March for Women”

  1. Hi Vaishakhi,
    I’m glad you’ve stuck to your desire to highlight inspiring and successful women inspire of the virus!
    I am encouraged and your video is powerful.
    I have your video and link to your post scheduled to post on my website at 11:00 central time and a group I’m growing at at 11:00 as well.
    I may go ahead and share over to my personal page as well once it posts.
    Thank you for sharing and being one of those encouraging and successful women in my world.

    1. Hi Cindy
      Thanks so much. I am so flattered you are sharing my video on your group. What is the group about? Sounds very interesting. And yes, I believe there are lots of inspirational women in the world and we need to support and empower each other! I will be doing more posts on women. Do watch out for them. Thanks once again. You’ve made my day!

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