On a wing and a prayer

23 Mar 2020

On a wing and a prayer

On a wing and a prayer

In 1943 as World War II raged on, a pilot whose plane was quite damaged was trying to make an emergency landing. While doing that he radioed to the station down that he was “coming in on a wing and prayer”. Inspired by this, a wartime song was written for it. It’s set in that time, but it has a lovely marching beat to it (can almost imagine the infantry singing is as they scan the skies above for the returning hero.

So where’s the hope? Do we even have hope?

Yes. In fact, while the world reels under the impact of that-which-will-not-be-named, hope is what we have, hope is all we have and hope will bring us alive through this. With our one motor gone, there’s hope that the world will take one more dramatic turn – for the better.
With remote working enforced, we may find newer solutions to old problems.
With us finding a new cure, we will look at healthcare in a new manner.
And finally, all of us who are at home, maybe we will look at all the stuff that we have – that does not help us at a time like this. Maybe we can look inside now, since the outside is shut for us. Einstein once said what’s on the quote below

Coming in on a wing and a prayer

Read the simple yet significant lyrics to the song. (Here’s the link)
Coming in on a Wing & a Prayer
by Anne Shelton

Comin’ in on a wing and a prayer
Comin’ in on a wing and a prayer
With our one motor gone
We can still carry on
Comin’ in on a wing and a prayerWhat a show, what a fight
Boys, we really hit our target for tonight
How we sing as we limp through the air
Look below, there’s our field over there
With our one motor gone
We can still carry on
Comin’ in on a wing and a…

Source: LyricFind

So let’s continue with the #BeadsOfHope

Let’s continue doing our part. Staying positive. Looking at the clear skies. Listening to the sounds of birds. Breathing in clearer air. And let’s come out, more mature, more alive and more sensitive to all that we have and are grateful for.

Check out our FB page #BeadsOfHope and see how positive thinking prevails.

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  1. Wings of hope in despair gets you to scale new horizons, strongly believing ” God helps those who help themselves.”and achieve victory over feats. It’s possible only because God created a miracle emotion HOPE ,history stands testimony to it, combine it with faith and scale new heights. Let’s all fly with beads of hope with a contagious SMILE..

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