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05 Mar 2020

What makes the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method effective?

What makes the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method effective?
Everyone does workshops.
Everyone knows (or so they say) about ‘facilitation.
Not many know about The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) Method of facilitation.
And mostly not many know what makes the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method so effective.

I’ve observed, facilitated and co-facilitated workshops, from several hours to several days and I’ve seen epiphanies, insights and A-HA moments happen. I’ve seen shifts, I’ve seen joy, and I’ve seen tears. But mostly I’ve seen change and transformation happen when decisions that are taken during an LSP workshop remain decisions that are adhered to well after the ‘workshop week’ is over and people are back to their business-as-usual avatars.

So what makes the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method effective?

Here are three reasons for starters. (Can always add some more later!)

ONE: The bricks serve as a common language

In LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, the LEGO bricks serve as a common language that anyone can use, irrespective of education, position and culture. In India specifically, it’s also irrespective of how native a speaker you are of English or Hindi.

TWO: Everybody’s insights surface

The bricks ensure that everybody’s knowledge and insights are surfaced. Being a 100/100 Method every one participates and everyone shares and reflects. No one is left out and no opinion, insight or share disregarded.

THREE: Everyone is actively involved

Lean-forward vs lean-back. That’s what separates the LSP Method vis-à-vis others. In an LSP workshop every participant is involved, all the time. Everyone is engaged. Each one builds. Each one shares. And everyone listens and reflects. Making it the 100/100 Method (read more about it here)

And all this makes the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method effective during the workshop and surprise surprise, even AFTER the workshop. But that’s another post!

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There are bricks waiting to solve a problem!

2 thoughts on “What makes the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method effective?”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard of the Lego Serious Play before so your educating me.
    Sounds like a tremendous means to change how people relate, interact and work together for a common goal.
    I’m definitely giving this some thought and look forward to more you may share.

    1. Hi Cindy… am so glad you found this interesting. I got my certification in 2018 and am hooked ever since. The way a workshop unfolds and brings out insights is indeed amazing! Thanks for your comment. I look forward to interacting with you and seeing how the LSP Method can help you.

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