29 Mar 2020

Where do you find Hope?

Where DO you find hope?
I looked for hope everywhere. And found it outside my window. In the rustling of the trees. The sounds of the birds. The evening sky. The crescnet moon.
And then I wrote this. And turned it into a little film.
For you to see. Find hope. And share.

Where do you find Hope?
Hope is the end of the a dark night
The promise of the first rays of dawn
Hope is sunlight streaming from behind the mountains
Hope is the first chirp of the birds
Hope is the last bird flying home
Hope is knowing that when the sun setsIt is ready to rise another day.
Hope is knowing that the sunset is followed by sunrise
Hope is day following night following day.
Hope is knowing that spring will follow the winter
And that the first buds will shoot through the ground no matter what.
Hope is looking at a dark sky
And seeing the stars
And the moon.
So where do you find Hope.
Find hope.
Find hope in Nature.
Because that’s where you should be looking for hope.

Where do you find Hope? Watch the film.

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