25 Apr 2020

Join the global dialogue on Earth Day with Bricks4Change

Bricks4Change . Earth Day 2020. And Lego Serious Play

There’s no doubt. Earth Day 2020 has been what has never been before. Or maybe what HAS been before. With the world coming to a grinding halt, this has been an unprecedented year, not just for humans but for Mother Earth as well. A small group of Lego Serious Play facilitators aptly named Bricks4Change have launched an initiative of engaging in a global dialogue with the youth on Climate Change. Every day is Earth Day. And we, at Abacus Yellow are part of this voluntary but exciting and very inspiring initiative. This kicked off on Earth Day 2020 – 22nd April and will run for the next 3 months! And you can be part of it.

How can you be part of the global youth dialogue with Bricks4Change ?

If you are between 10 and 24 years of age, we want to hear from you. The world wants to hear your voice. All through Lego Serious Play. Which means, in this time of social distancing and lockdowns you may need to have your bricks (any will do as long as you have enough!). And we can have this session on a video call! Interested?  

What will we need from you

All we need from you is about 90-120 minutes of your time on a call that we will set up. You will obviously need your Lego bricks so that you can make your models – comfortably! And also have a great time (this we can vouch for thanks to other participants!) We feel the urgency to start giving our small contribution right now, and to generate positive dialogue and mindset around us.

Be one of a 1000 voices across the world

Lego Serious Play facilitators worldwide are right now engaged in speaking to people like you for this challenge. We’ve already begun our conversations!

You too can be part of this global dialogue!

Eventually we will be talking to a 1000 young people like you and bringing together one voice that is representative of what the youth feels about Climate Change. Isn’t that awesome? Excited? Do you want to be part of this global initiative. Write to us at abacusyellow@gmail.com or nishant@abacusyellow.com.
Or simply leave a comment below with your email address and we will get in touch with you.
Remember we can do this virtually only if you have some Lego bricks with you. That’s all you need – and of course the willingness to get your voice heard! Hurry we don’t have too much time!                

Here’s more info about Bricks4Change

The website http://www.bricks4change.org/

Follow on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/bricks4change/

And if you have questions about Lego Serious Play, click here!

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3 thoughts on “Join the global dialogue on Earth Day with Bricks4Change”

  1. Fantastic your doing this, Vaishakhi with bricks4change. Have 1000 young people got on board to participate yet? It’s exciting to see what young people think about Earth Day and Climate Change!

    1. Hi Cindy. We are over a 100 facilitators worldwide who have voluntarily become part of this challenge. So we are talking to the youth in our own regions. We spoke with two young girls and I was so happy to hear their views on the environment, the individual responsibility, the lockdown, and the world hereafter! I think the world is going to be in good hands. And I love that the Lego Serious Play method encourages very frank, open and honest conversations! And yes… I am sure we will have the 1000 number very soon.

      1. It’s wonderful, Vaishakhi to hear how the Lego Serious Play is opening up conversation and getting young people involved. I believe this is going to be transformational. May it continue on for a long time to come!

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