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09 Apr 2020

Taking your cross-culture module online

Why should you take your cross-culture module online?

In 2018, I wrote a post which was titled 3 reasons your online cross culture module is not working. That made sense. Now? I am eating my words! I am now telling you to take your cross-culture module online.
My 2018 post talked about 3 things:

But that was 2018. That was 2 years ago. And now is now. It’s April 2020. And even if we looked at this 2 months ago the times have changed dramatically.

We are stricken by COVID-19. A global pandemic stares at us in the face. We are in a lockdown. And possibly an extended lockdown that does not have an end in sight. And the times… they have changed. Everything is different now. Even the online space. So what do we do now?

Take your cross-culture module online

It’s not like this has not been done before. But today I want to tell you why this will work, and work brilliantly in these trying time. Three key reasons.

  1. The times have changed.
  2. The systems have changed.
  3. The people have changed.

Take your cross-culture module online : Move with the times

The times demand that most people are house-bound. It’s a lockdown. Most work from home. Most still continue to do what they did in a professional office environment, but, they do it out of a corner in the house. Let me correct that, sometimes even a corner is not available. And interruptions from kids, pets, elders and partners are very likely. Yet, some things are necessary. So is a cross-culture module. Given that practically everyone – as in every country is under lockdown, your people will have something common to share with their global counterparts across the globe. There is no better time for team building. Bringing a team together at a time when humanity is at its most compassionate. Together the team can understand its challenges and overcome and become even more of a bonded group. The time is now for an online workshop.

Take your cross-culture module online : Move to the newer systems

In a short space of 2 years, and to be honest in less than 2 months, the update of technology to allow online connectivity, web learning and increased interactivity has been lightning fast. Let’s just say it is zooming! Which means not only that you can do much more online as a trainer but also that you are much more engaged as a participant. And that can make a world of a difference to learning.

Take your cross-culture module online : Move with the people

Which bring us to the most important part of any learning and development module. Or for that matter any team building effort. Or simply any kind of knowledge exchange or transfer that is happening online: PEOPLE. It’s the people, the participants who matter the most. Fortunately today’s offerings have tools, which if used creatively can keep the participants engaged, can make learning interesting and can also make it more effective. Not only that, with the uptake of new apps and new technology people are even more comfortable networking, collaborating and working effectively across screens. This is why online modules work better now than ever before.

So how do you do it?

Call on the experts. Us at AbacusYellow. Those who know all three: the times, the systems and the people. And yes of course the content. With experience and expertise across geographies and with a rapid update to current times, we can successfully deliver your online modules across geographies with the participants ‘safe at home’. This can not only be done effectively but also with the necessary metrics, feedback and of course, results. Take a look what we offer in cross culture modules.

Want to know more? Reach out to me and I can tell you more. Simply post a comment below and I will get back to you.