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27 Jun 2020

Wisdom from the Youth #1

This is part of a series of posts on our interactions with young people for the dialogue on Climate Change (now against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic). These were each in their own way eye-opening. The focus was on looking at the positives coming out of this pandemic and how the youth felt about the bigger challenge that faces humanity – Climate Change. While we were familiar with the Lego® Serious Play® Methodology, there were several firsts:
– A new design thanks to #Bricks4Change core team
– A new medium – mostly virtual
– New circumstances – given a global lockdown and pandemic
– A non-corporate subject and set-up

What we gained: Wisdom from the youth

Here follows our dialogues in a rapid-fire sequence with pictures. And what we gained out of them: wisdom from the youth!
This is the first.
Subsequently we’ve had several meaningful conversations with youngsters from ages 10 to 27. This continues. Keep watching this space for more.

Manasvi: Young architect, working full-time. Home during Lockdown
City: Mumbai
Country: India

Finding the silence within me as my immediate surrounds slow down

That was Manasvi’s response, when asked to build a model depicting that one gift, this virus has brought her. Coming from a 25-year-old that was quite a deep insight. To be aware of the silence within you is a big step towards better self-awareness.

More Insights

As we went deeper into the process Manasvi built models which depicted how being in the lockdown, she was discovering new edges and personalities of her family members and how they managed to work together round the clock. This is a time when everyone in the society has got a chance to take a step back and realise how we can progress more efficiently whilst not constantly harming our context.

The surrounding environment and nature have the chance to flourish whilst everyone takes a pause. She hopes to continue contributing to the growing climate change concerns by using more sustainable materials in her work as an architect and impact her surroundings through such actions.

The Lego Serious Play Session

Here is what Manasvi had to say about her experience of the #legoseriousplay session:

Being part of Bricks4Change and Lego Serious Plays’ dialogue about the pandemic and climate change highlighted a different perspective on the way I can view and act on these subjects

I was extremely impressed with Manasvi’s deep and thoughtful models. Her views were mature and grounded into the reality of our current situation. If she is the representation of what the youth thinks, then I’d say the world is in safe hands.

Do you want to know more? Or be part of this challenge?

To get more info on this global dialogue with the youth, a Bricks4Change initiative using the Lego Serious Play Methodology, click here.

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