01 Jul 2020

Wisdom from the Youth #3

Wisdom from the youth #3 is part of a series of posts on our interactions with young people for the dialogue on Climate Change (now against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic). These were each in their own way eye-opening. The focus was on looking at the positives coming out of this pandemic and how the youth felt about the bigger challenge that faces humanity – Climate Change. While we were familiar with the Lego® Serious Play® Methodology, there were several firsts:
– A new design thanks to #Bricks4Change core team
– A new medium – mostly virtual
– New circumstances – given a global lockdown and pandemic
– A non-corporate subject and set-up

What we gained: Wisdom from the youth

Here follows our dialogues in a rapid-fire sequence with pictures. And what we gained out of them: wisdom from the youth!
This is the THIRD conversation using Lego Serious Play(LSP) and across the globe using a virtual medium.
Subsequently we’ve had several meaningful conversations with youngsters from ages 10 to 27. This continues. Keep watching this space for more.

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Tanushri: Student
City: Charlotte, North Carolina,
Country: USA

I love spending time in my front yard playing basketball!

Surrounded by blooming flowers and birds chirping, it felt as if Tanushri, a student, is already in her own little wonderland.

Quality Time

Tanushri is making the best of this lockdown period by spending quality time with her mom, who normally would be quite busy with her work. But now they are using this time to create a great mother-daughter bonding.

She feels that even other people are using this time well, taking walks in the morning and evening and simply enjoying nature while ensuring they keep the requisite 6 ft distance from each other. The onset of spring coupled with people locked indoors is helping the tress and grass to grow uninhibited.

She envisages a future where she would add to this increasing greenery by planting more trees.

We could do with a lot more green thumbs I’d say!

The Lego Serious Play Session: Our individual takes

I have always loved building stuff with Legos, so I was excited when my mom signed me up for LEGO Serious Play Earth Day initiative. I enjoyed the creative format and interactive session with Nishant and Vaishakhi. Thank you for the wonderful learning & creative opportunity!!

Tanushri’s models were complex and filled with metaphors. She is indeed a very deep thinker who chooses her words carefully and succinctly.

Do you want to know more? Or be part of this challenge?

To get more info on this global dialogue with the youth, a Bricks4Change initiative using the Lego Serious Play Methodology, click here. It’s on till 22nd July.
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