18 Aug 2020

My Alchemy – Participant Speak

You’ve heard us talking about My Alchemy, the online writing workshop that had 15 eager participants over 4 weekends in July-August, 2020.

What we all did during those 4 hours per weekend was listen, learn and of course, write! Yes, and that included me. I wrote some too! But enough about me.
There’s only so much one can say about something that’s driven by passion. Sometimes it’s nice to let others have their say.

My Alchemy – Participant Speak

Here’s what Radhika T had to say about My Alchemy

Which is the one aspect in which My Alchemy has helped you the most?

  • My Alchemy got me hooked on to reading, watching and observing more than I usually do, especially to get into the groove of writing. This would tremendously help me take up blogging which I have been putting off so far!

Who would you recommend My Alchemy to?

  • My Alchemy is a great workshop for some avid readers or aspiring bloggers who don’t know where & how to begin or not aware of the technicalities. It’s also a great workshop for those who lost touch with writing.

How is My Alchemy different from anything else you may have attended?

  • Being an IT professional I would compare it with a technical training I would have attended, as My Alchemy is “the Technical toolkit for writing”! The tips, techniques and short clips are so engaging & actually made me realize that I need to be aware of these while reading and watching movies, if I am to get better at my writing skills.

Thank you Radhika. It was great having you on board! The journey has just begun. Let’s keep going.

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