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15 Sep 2020

Dinner? It’s optional



“What-er-Melon”, she laughed at her own joke as she continued punching the keys on her laptop. He did not seem to find it funny though.

“That’s your dinner tonight. Don’t miss the careful plating. A seed or two may have crept in. I am told it’s good for you.”

“Er… you ARE joking, aren’t you?”

See this look on my face? Am I joking?” She looked at her screen with a frown .

Nope. But I do have an assignment to finish. And I do need to focus on it. Okay. Let me use my words wisely. I WANT to focus on it. This is so stimulating. And the rest of the people in the batch are equally motivated.
Smriti even does optional assignments well before time.”

“I presume you are talking about your writing workshop. It’s over the weekend right? And I don’t get dinner on a weekday?”

“Hmmm! Should I have joined the Wednesday batch?”

“No! For Heaven’s sake. I meant, today is just Tuesday.”

“Just Tuesday? It’s Tuesday! That leaves me only 4 days to Friday. Do you see?”

“I may. If I get dinner tonight.”

Something on the screen seemed to be bothering her.

“Like, maybe, I could have an option to… er… watermelon?”

“Of course you do, darling.”


“The bananas on the table! Washed with sanitized hands for your eating pleasure.”

She went back to punching the keys with increased velocity.


“Go ahead. I don’t even have to cut them.”

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