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14 Sep 2020

My Alchemy: The Online Writing Workshop

  • Do you struggle when it comes to writing?
  • Are you unable to write an important email?
  • Confused how to structure your report?
  • Not sure how to get started writing?
  • Want your writing to be flawless?
  • Can you spare 2 hours + 4 weekends to help improve your writing?

My Alchemy: The Online Writing Workshop

Choose between weekdays or weekends. My Alchemy is a simple guided online workshop conceptualised by Vaishakhi Bharucha that will teach you how to write to communicate better. 4 weekends. Or 8 weeks every wednesday. Each session around 120 mins each. Devote them to learning how to polish your writing skills. So whether you are writing a report, an important email, a key document, an ad or even a film script – these are the elements you will need to ensure your writing

My Alchemy: Elemental Writing

Writing that’s easy, succinct and effective is actually a combination of some factors. You’ll learn how to manage 4 key elements that make up good writing. Use them – as much or as little as you like – and you get writing that is clear, concise and effective.

My Alchemy: Remove writer’s block

Stuck when it comes to writing? Here’s what you will learn.

  1. Principles of writing that can be applied anywhere using the four elements
  2. Using the four key elements to improve your ideas and your writing
  3. Using the elements as much or as little as you need
  4. Coming up with multiple new ideas for writing
  5. Planning your writing with a solid structure that’s effective and impactful
  6. Getting tips on how to start and end well
  7. Learning how to use the right words, every time
  8. Combating (and winning over) writer’s block
  9. Picking up tricks on editing for a succinct piece
  10. Learning how to proof-check to deliver a flawless piece

Get the tools to write stories. Or reports. Or presentations. Or emails! A film review. Book review. Or even an elevator pitch. Simply write better. Communicate effectively. Get started with My Alchemy!

Here’s what the participants of earlier batches have to say

New Batches:
23rd September 2020 (Wednesday 7pm to 9pm)
26th September 2020 (Sat-Sun 4:30pm to 6:30pm)

So if you feel your writing needs that extra spark join us on this writing journey into better writing skills.

Seats are limited. Fun, unlimited.

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