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06 Jul 2024




It’s not every day that your co-author co-authors another book (even before you’ve stopped talking about the first one). But if anyone were to write a book about the busy-ness of bees and how to bee indispensable, it would have to be the prolific John Britt!

Bee-Come Indispensable: 15 Workplace Lessons from the Bees

As my co-author for his previous book, What I Really Meant to Say, John has always showcased efficiency in how diligently he worked on the manuscript. Little did I know then that, while working on the earlier book, John was creating experiential material for this book. Long story short: if anyone can show by doing, it’s John. His diligence, efficiency and precision lead the way.

And so, with great pride and excitement I introduce to you his wonderful new book! And I am thrilled, proud and incredibly happy to hold this book in my hands!

Cover of book with picture of honeycomb and a queen bee

But let’s talk about the book.

Co-authored with Jan Green, the book is an interesting parable revolving around bees in a beehive with a very relatable business problem: ‘lack of rain, increased heat, the flower lady missing’ – translated to corporate-speak: growth issues. And which organization does not want to grow! Which comes to the one key resource that contributes significantly to the growth of the organization – the employees themselves.

Becoming Indispensable

Years ago, I had heard of someone who didn’t take a single day off from work. Word was that he was so worried that if he didn’t show up, both his boss and his team would find out that he was dispensable and that they could do without him. I found it odd.

Throughout my career I worked with the impression that you made yourself indispensable through hard work, an attitude towards team building, clear communication, empathetic leadership and so much more. Fortunately, till I hung my corporate boots, it did help me. What I really would have appreciated was this wonderful, book that would have made my job to be ‘indispensable’ much easier:
This could have well been my North Star. For several reasons.
And I’m giving 3 solid ones below.

Lessons with dollops of honey

There’s no preaching or teaching in this book. The narrative cleverly wings around a buzzing (or not) beehive and the issue it is facing due to the present circumstance. The parable allows one to be pulled into the story of Bob Bee and Dar Bee without realizing that it might as well be you! Little touches like the flapping of wings and the busi-ness of the bees shows how much we have in common without the ‘finger-pointing’! The parable takes you gently (by the wings) and holds a mirror to you and your workplace. Now it gets even more interesting.

Not one or two but 15 Workplace Lessons

In the book John Britt and Jan Green succinctly talk about 15 workplace lessons – everything from being a team player to taking the initiative. All summed up with the Bee Attitudes! From Bee Knowledgeable and Bee Dependable to Bee A Great Communicator. And so many others.  It’s not that you must have all fifteen. It IS important though that you acknowledge them. It IS important that you know what makes the organization go and grow. And what IS crucial is that if you try and imbibe these, you’re well on your way to becoming a key contributor to the organization. And when you have fifteen, you’ll find that some resonate with you, and some easier to adopt than others. But they always, and I repeat, always, help.

Well narrated. Well summarised.

At a time when we really don’t have time, Bee-come Indispensable is a quick little read offering long-lasting learning. While the story engages and keeps you going, it’s slowly sinking in that there’s more to the story than meets the eye. You realize that it is about yourself. How you are in the workplace and how you conduct yourself. And isn’t Dar Bee like one of your team members. What about Bob Bee? And oh yes, the Bees Knees!

Pick it up now!

Pick up the book now and you’ll be wiser in 15 minutes! You don’t believe me? Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what Harry Paul, the New York Times author has to say, “Leaders beware! If you read this book, you will want everyone in your organization to have it.”

If you’re in India, here’s the amazon link to buy the book.

If you’re in the US, click here

Go on, do yourself a favour. Bee-come Indispensable!

And if you want to know more about our previous book, What I Really Meant to Say, click here

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