Cross Culture. Customer Experience. Communications

You need to build a brand. A brand that stands out from the clutter. Through astute strategy. Clever content marketing. Smart social media presence.

You work across the globe. Across countries, cultures and communication styles. Wouldn’t you want your global team to be truly global?

You struggle with a customer-centric view of your offerings. You want to offer the best and yet you’re not sure how this is getting across to your key customers.

Whatever it is you do in this space – Branding, Communications, Customer Expereince, reach out to us and we can help.

AbacusYellow is based on one single principle -simplicity. Simplicity is the one thread that connects all. Communications. Customer Experience. Cross Culture.  Whether it’s a branding or communications project, a cross culture workshop or a customer experience consultancy, simplicity is the essence of it.

Which is why it is Abacus – one of the simplest learning tools there is.

With Yellow bringing a shining light of positivity and confidence, a symbolic representation of light, learning and knowledge.

Together these make for all the work put forth by AbacusYellow.

Making it simple for you to call us. Reach out to me at and we’ll talk.

Simple, isn’t it?

Simple solutions for the not-so-simple problems

Get to know the people behind it.