28 Mar 2018

When cultures collide and beliefs clash

Managing Intercultural relationships can be quite daunting.

Your team mate comes from another state. You can’t stand him.

Your friend’s friend can be quite loud. You don’t agree with her views.

And now at work you have to deal with a team from three different countries in Europe. Now not only is the culture not same but you don’t even have similar beliefs.

Is life testing you?

Cross cultural communication can be quite challenging for most people. It’s not just the language, it’s the belief, the expectation, sometimes the way of working. Sometimes it’s time itself. Managing cross cultural challenges in a world of fraught with radical differences can be difficult

But there is a solution to it. And this time it comes from the world of advertising. And maybe that is the answer to better communication across cultures. I won’t say much here. But do tell me what you think in the comments below.