13 Aug 2012

Social media comes of age for the customer?

I’d say Customer Service is way below the poverty line in our country.

The desire to understand the customer is nil.

The desire to please the customer is therefore completely out of question.

As for addressing customer woes, sorry, not in this country.

If you’ve not read my previous post, I suggest you read it and get back here.


My calls to the customer care center went unhindered. While they did say they would do ‘something’ about it there was no confirmation.

Even my tweets went out like the proverbial ship in the night.

It was only when I posted a blog and tweeted and facebooked (right word?) the links did I get an immediate response.

There was action.

In all fairness, Makemytrip has addressed my issue.

They have confirmed that they will refund the amount wrongly charged.

However it still does not absolve them from charging unsuspecting customers double the amount.

If you look at the #makemytrip page on Twitter, it’s all about issues.

What pleases me is that Social media is here to stay.

It’s here to share customer grievance.

It’s here to make a high decibel sound and to be heard.

And now if organisations are waking up, I think it’s time the customer wakes up too.

Jaago Graahak Jaago, is not wrongly said.

Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, StumbleUpon and the myriad social spaces are yours to use.

Use them.