16 Aug 2017

Scraps&Straws #10: The 5 C’s of Content Marketing

We recently published a series on problems that plague content marketing. Five problems all starting with the C of Content.
Here is a consolidation of those posts.

To wrap it up, there is no silver bullet. Content marketing needs to be dynamic and upgrade every day. And while 5 problems may come your way, there are also infinite number of solutions to counter them. And as the shifting sands of the digital universe will demonstrate, the minute you solve those more will crop up. Happy Content Marketing. Isn’t this what we all thrive on?

Here are the 5 C’s that we talked about and the respective links


It’s a good idea to sift through your endless posts to see what you share is of value to your reader or not. The post goes on to talking about how solving a problem is more important than selling your product. Read it here

And this is the link to #1: Content with your content?


Here’s the link: How clear is your vision?


Link to #3 : Where were you yesterday?


Are you settling for less than the best? Click here:  Is it good or is it great?

Link to #5: What do we do next? What do we do next?


Are you telling your readers what they should do next? Here’s the link to the last of the 5 C’s

#5 Call to Action

And there you have it. 5 problems, not just one solution! Feel free to add your comments (and yes, problems and solutions) to this!