27 Feb 2018

Once-in-a-blue-moon twice

4 thoughts on “Once-in-a-blue-moon twice”

  1. As usual, well written informative piece. Thank you for updating me on the various concepts associated with the moon. Love you to the moon and back!

    1. Thanks Disha! It’s wonderful how language evolves from nature isn’t it? And thanks for the love! I’d give you the moon and the stars for that! 😀

  2. In all creative work and in the practice of it, perhaps a stage is inevitably reached where the self and one’s medium come to know each other well. Expression acquires an ease of being, linked as it is to both the hand which writes, and the ideas contained therein.
    So…Does it resemble the comforts of an old marriage?!
    Oh this is so full of problems! ?
    Anyway, I love the way you write. The profusion of words, and the flow of thoughts are seamless….So at ease with one another. Dare I say it again? An old mariage? Argh! ?

    1. Hi Amit! I truly enjoy getting these comments from you! As you can see I am writing as much as you are commenting so obviously it has been encouraging! 😀
      But seriously thanks. I write the way I feel and in this one case, I am fascinated at the way language evolves with the times!
      Also, my request is that you keep commenting! After all, we know don’t we, what’s a writer without a reader!!!

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