24 Mar 2020

What they said… about HOPE

There’s so much people have said about HOPE. And what they said… about hope, is for times like now. As India moves into a 21-day lockdown, people are in a state of panic, uncertainty and to a small extent, hopelessness. But we cannot despair. Hope has to come from within. And all we can really do is… HOPE.

What they said… about hope

So here’s a quote from Thomas Carlyle. And it talks about health and hope – both seemingly under threat right now. But lose hope and your health is at risk. And even if you do have a health situation, hope will keep you going.

What they said… about health

Health is wealth they said. Time to remember that short aphorism? Well, enough said. I’ll leave you with today’s thought. And look at something else uplifting tomorrow. We’ve got 21 days to go! We can do it… with hope. Beads of hope.

What do you have to say about hope?

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