30 Dec 2016

2017: Make it Prime

It’s seventeen. A prime number. Take the cue. This year make it your prime year.

This year, make it all about your Passion.
Do what your heart tells you to do. Go where it directs you. Or at least, take the first step in that direction.
Go with the flow. Go against the flow if the flow is not going where you want to.
Plunge into deep waters. Ride the waves.
Jump off a cliff. Grow wings on your way down.
Catch a unicorn. Even if it’s in your imagination.
Paint everything you do with the bright broad strokes of passion.
Colour it with a sunset. Or a sunrise. Whatever floats your boat.Stretch out a rainbow wherever you go. Add an eighth colour. Take off five. Whatever you do, do it with gusto, with lust, with unbridled enthusiasm, with infectious excitement. And watch the year bloom.
Make it Prime.

This year, find your Purpose
This year find your true North.
Find meaning in your passion. Make your passion a purpose.
Look up. Aim for the stars. Then look down and set your goals. Give it a purpose.
On paper. In steel. In ink. In blood.
Carve out a path. Take your best with you. Leave the rest behind.
Be audacious. Be bold. Be bodacious.
Charge ahead through a forest of setbacks. Don’t miss the forest for the trees.
Step back and see the big picture. Step forward into the unknown. With purpose.
Move back one step. Move forward two. But move forward. Relentlessly.
Be unstoppable. Stop others in their tracks.
You are your purpose. Only you can make it come alive. Give it meaning. Make it the year of purpose.
Make it prime.

This year unleash your Power
Bring your passion and purpose together to find your power.
Fire it up.
Charge it with your drive. Your ambition.
Give it the strength of steel. Of iron. Of will.
Hold dominance over your thoughts, your actions, your weaknesses.
Rule over your setbacks.
Bring power to what you do, what you hold and what you don’t.
Create your own circle of influence. Then spread it. Wider. Through the year.
Nurture your power. Feed it with your passion.
Unleash your power. With the intensity of purpose.
The world is yours. This year is yours. Make it count.
Make it prime. 

2017. Make it prime.

12 thoughts on “2017: Make it Prime”

  1. God this is so inspiring- going to read this every week – more power to abacus yellow

    May the force be with you and may you be prime – god bless you

  2. Thoroughly inspiring! I want to watch the new year bloom! And I want to watch some of it with you!! So please come down here let’s all share some good times together! !

  3. Dear Vaishakhi, knowing you is inspiring and reading your message makes it look simply possible! You said it! We just have to be “bodacious “!
    Cheers to your unstoppable enthusiasm and ideas!
    Have a wonderful new year! ?✨

  4. Very compelling. Do write more often. And share with all of us more often. May happiness and satisfaction make you their prime focus always!

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