25 Dec 2016

What did I miss?

I’m rushing from one place to another. It’s evening and the sun is setting. I look past the revelers at the stretch by Juhu beach and in the horizon, the sun is ready for its evening dip. I want to take a picture with my ever-ready phone but decide to use my ‘photographic’ memory instead and just look at the sun setting instead. And the thought that comes to me is
“I could’ve missed this”.

Christmas comes with mixed feelings.
It’s full of joy and festivity. Lights and celebration. And good wishes and good cheer.
But riding in fast is the end of the year and Christmas day is the day when you look back and say things like “Oh how time has flown!” and “Can’t believe it’s the end of the year already!
And sure enough a few days later, the page will turn, the new year will unfold, all clean and clear, ready for you to write something new, possibly different, on its yet untouched blank pages.

But till then, I’m looking back and thinking,
What did I miss?

What did I miss in 2016? What did I miss doing? What did I push back or postpone? What did I miss out on?

• That meeting with an old colleague who tragically passed on
• That visit to a relative who I know was waiting for me
• That coffee with a friend because we put it off to another day
• That phone call I knew had to be made
• That sunrise in the mountains because it was too early
• That sunset by the sea because I was busy
• That dinner at a friend’s because I was unwell
• That response to another because I forgot
• That meal to be cooked because of lethargy
• That new place to see because I was tired
• That time out because I was late

And so much more.

And as the year races to its end, I look back and say, I missed all that and more.
And next year is yet another exercise in getting things done. And not missing out.

Are you looking back at the year? What did you miss? What did you miss out on?

2 thoughts on “What did I miss?”

    1. Yes Deepali. It’s so important not to lose the essence of life as we run around trying to live it! May 2017 bring you all the best moments to cherish!

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