21 Mar 2020

Beads of Hope

Let’s string together Beads of Hope

The entire world is enveloped in a pall of gloom. The world needs hope. Beads of hope. Between rumours and fake news, the truth is obfuscated. The populace is swinging between unfounded panic and complete despair. In such a time it’s best to switch off and do some inner searching. While doing my sketching with crayons today, I realised that I can do this with others too.

Making a garland of Beads of Hope

If all of us find one tiny little ray of hope and string each of the beads of wisdom that we share, we can create a garland of hope that grows bigger everyday.

What can ‘Beads of Hope’ be?

It can be any of these things or more…

  • A picture or a photograph
  • A poem
  • A quote you remember
  • A song (here’s an example)
  • An incident in your life that can give all of us hope
  • A song
  • A para or short story you like
  • A story you wrote
  • Even something from our scriptures (here’s an example)
  • Anything else positive that will add to this endless string
There’s always a pretty sunset

Become part of the Beads of Hope group

And post on that page. Also say nice things about what others have posted. Say nice things. The world needs more smiles, more laughter, more joy and definitely more yellow!

Let’s spread smiles with Beads of Hope

Join us on this page:

Let’s share positive vibes around. Game? Post on the Alchemy page on Facebook with the hashtag #BeadsOfHope. And get everyone in your circle to do it. Let’s not get caught up with despair. Let’s give hope a chance.

6 thoughts on “Beads of Hope”

  1. Vaishakhi.
    I’m encouraged by what your sharing with the “Beads of Hope’!
    All the things your suggesting can bring light and hope to others who are struggling right now and help all of us keep our eyes focused on brighter things, remembering we are not alone.
    I love your sketch of the sunset. Absolutely brings a big smile and warmth to look at it.
    I will consider joining the group to bring Hope. I wasn’t able to to get anywhere with the link but it may be on my end.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Cindy
      It may be because we are not connected on FB. I have sent you a connection request and once you accept I can invite you to the page. It’s already doing well and people are posting lovely pics (of their own) not forwards, from their garden and balconies. It’s so heartening. It would be great to have you too as part of this whole atmosphere of hope that I wish to spread. Thank you.

      1. We’re connected now and so glad too! I want so much to spread hope and encouragement to others. Your an inspiration from across the world from me. It is wonderful how we can connect and join together to share hope!!

  2. What a lovely idea. I can feel the beads of inspiration forming. I did create a crystal grid for the equinox – that can be my beads of hope for the moment.

    1. Hi Dale. Thanks for your comments. The Beads of Hope just came out like that and I have more than 120 members overnight. It’s been one positive share after another and it feels so good, away from the ‘doom-and-gloom’ scenario otherwise. Would love to know more about your crystal grid for the equinox! And yes, we all need beads of hope at this time.

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