Participant Speak

19 Aug 2020

My Alchemy – Participant Speak

In July 2020, 15 brave warriors came to the writing battleground armed with their keyboards and their imagination. And went back victorious!

Listen to what young Saamiya had to say about those 4 weekends we spent writing. Learning. Thinking. Laughing. Playing. And writing.

Here it is: My Alchemy – Participant Speak

Here’s what Saamiya S had to say about My Alchemy

Q: Which is the one aspect in which My Alchemy has helped you the most?

It has definitely helped strengthen and enhance my writing skills. Two of the most important lessons learnt were how to structure my essays, as well as how to proof-read and edit efficiently.

Who would you recommend My Alchemy to?

  • My Alchemy caters to all ages, so I think I could recommend it to anyone interested in writing

How is My Alchemy different from anything else you may have attended?

  • Unfortunately I have not attended any other writing course. However if i were to compare it to my English lessons in school My Alchemy was way more efficient and interesting.
My Alchemy July 2020

Thank you Saamiya. We enjoyed having you as part of the team. Keep writing and keep having fun!

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