01 Mar 2021

Voice messages. On a Wednesday Writing Workshop.

“Okay, I don’t think I can manage the politeness. We’re friends right? I NEED, no, I WANT a book or a diary for my writing. One of those classy ones.

“What do you mean another one? This is the only one you’re getting me this week.

“Oh oh… any colour. The brighter the better. Not fussy.

“Oh yes, a Moleskin would be awesome. But as long as it’s one of the better brands, it’s fine too. Not fussy at all.

“It must be smooth paper to write on.

“Hey! Forgot to tell you, I don’t like books with lines on it. Rules you know? Ruled books. A big no-no. Don’t follow rules.

“I suppose the ones with grey checks would be fine. Do check on the paper quality though.

“Oh yes, even a slim one is fine. Of course you could get two then.

“The florals? Umm… well…

“Oh I leave it to you. It’s just so nice of you to ask. Yes three is always better than two. Five even better. I could use one for the notes, one for the short stories… and so on… you know?

“Seriously? None at all? Hmmm… maybe you went to the wrong store. I don’t want to sound demanding but…

“Oh well… since you insist… if you can’t get me a book or a diary… maybe a pen instead? A fountain pen… there are some good brands available nowadays…

“Okay… okay… it’s just that Wednesday is coming up and I need this for My Alchemy, the online writing workshop.


Want to know more about My Alchemy?

My Alchemy: the online writing workshop.
New batches starting on 17th March 2021.
Wednesdays. 7pm to 9pm IST
For more information, write to me at alchemy@abacusyellow.com

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