15 Mar 2020

Weekly roundup: Of Women’s Day, Lego Serious Play and the deadly virus: COVID-19

It’s time for a weekly roundup. Last week’s post covered three important topics. Women’s Day, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and of course ending with the dreaded virus that has the world in the grips of panic.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

3 events

The dialogues around women, gender parity and diversity are changing. Something that was quite obvious this year around women’s day. This was captured in no less than 4 posts this week.

On 8th March we talked about an exceptional 76-year-old woman who was still competing (and winning) body building competitions! Read about An extraordinary woman with an extraordinary story.

On the next day we explored what made some women exceptional and inspirational.

Read about the 7 Inspirational Traits of Today’s Women here

This was followed by a reportage of an engaging conversation around the entrepreneurial spirit of women

Exploring the power of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Sometimes an infographic can say it better than words. Check them out here.

title page

Infographic 1 LSP

Infographic 2

In other news where LEGO is concerned, as one of the leading brands globally, The LEGO Group’s pledge to sustainability was pretty much in the news.

And finally the dealbreaker of all dealbreakers. The final word that has the world come crashing down – the #coronavirus has hit us all. Bringing in its wake sheer panic across the world, from serious worries of spread and isolation to supermarket brawls on toilet paper. But it is a sobering fact and the world will never be the same again. Here’s a view on COVID-19: It is time to panic.

It is time to panic

And here’s also a fascinating (and scary) live heat map of how the virus has taken over the world in real time. Surely this truth is stranger than fiction! (Click on ANIMATE SPREAD to see it live)

And another eye-opening infographic on COVID-19

And that ends the weekly roundup! With things changing so rapidly, the coming week is going to possibly result in a global shutdown. But let’s wait and watch.

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  1. Thanks for your weekly round up, Vaishakhi! I like what you share and even though I think I miss a few of your posts I try not to. I enjoy reading, am inspired and think about things I hadn’t considered. Looking forward to more you have to share.

  2. Thank you Cindy! Appreciate that you read and comment! Today these conversations are becoming more and more important- to all of us! Thank you!

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