18 Oct 2018

Let Pink Rule

Pink. The Colour of Health and Healing

Pink. In view of the #MeToo, Pink is ruling right now… though not for very happy reasons. Pink has always been associated with the feminine, but pink is also the colour of health and healing.

Pink. Rani Pink. It rules.

It’s the colour of hope and healing, a colour that tones down the fire of red but still imbues you with the assertiveness and maturity of a more responsible and nurturing love.

And most importantly, it’s the colour adorning the most beautiful of queens. You.

Here’s what Pink can be. Look at the popular logos of pink but don’t forget that well-known healthcare brands sport pink with grace. And here’s a statement of what Pink stands for. 

Here are famous logos in Pink.

So get your attitude for today. And for the rest of the year. Celebrate Dassehra tomorrow with a colour of your choice or all the colours!


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