17 Oct 2018

The Sky is the Limit!

Sky Blue

Sky Blue is the colour of the day. In India, in Hindi, the word would be Aasmani – literally translated – that of the sky.

I know sky blue is a particular light blue but empowered with Shakti (Power), and the wealth of wisdom, sky blue empowers you with not only calming effect of blue, but also the metaphor of the sky. Look at the sky, sometimes it’s clear, sometimes cloudy, sometimes blue, sometimes grey. Always changing. Always a pleasure to look at. Always creating that sense of space and calm, that sense that one can just reach out and touch it and yet it remains an aspirational goal one wants to strive towards.
Today is the day to stretch, stretch your limits for the rest of the year… stretch them till you can touch the sky. And do that with brands that have done it.

Sky Blue. That pastel blue that is cool, calm and collected.

For brands it signifies trust and reliability. Here’s an interesting insight on colours (and blue) from this excellent post from Co-Schedule (link below)… and I quote

Women see more colours than men, generally. They are more aware of slight colour differences within a colour range.

This may explain why men simply call the colour blue…blue. Women, on the other hand, see cerulean, sky, teal, turquoise, and all sorts of varieties of blue. Perhaps it is a combination of being able to visually see more differentiation and considering it worthy of a more specific name. Perhaps men are better able to tolerate both colourless and bright color palettes because they aren’t as sensitive to the nature and nuances of the color as women seem to be.

Sky Blue helps time pass

‘s more about Sky BlueAnd this comes from the same post.

Faber Birren, a 20th-century colour researcher and author of Color Psychology And Color Therapy, discovered something interesting about general colour groups.

He found that bright light and bright colours promoted “big muscle” activity, while softer and deeper colours promoted mental and visual tasks better. He also discovered that red stimulates our nervous system while blue relaxes it. Red and related colours also caused people to overestimate the passage of time while cooler colours like green and blue were the reverse.

Now explore brands that have Sky Blue to their advantage. Here’s one… (No prizes for guessing why they chose Sky Blue for their logo.)

And in the new age that sees no limits, there’s Skype and Twitter



And encompassing trust and reliability…










For designers, here are two infographics that will help you choose blue next time you design for a brand.


Which means, you can take a cool, calm and collected decision and choose sky blue to reach newer heights in design and branding. Remember what they say, the sky is the limit!



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