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03 Jul 2020

When the youths speak we listen

Wisdom from the Youth #4

When the youths speak we listen. This is part of a series of posts on our interactions with young people for the dialogue on Climate Change (now against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic). These were each in their own way eye-opening. The focus was on looking at the positives coming out of this pandemic and how the youth felt about the bigger challenge that faces humanity – Climate Change. While we were familiar with the Lego® Serious Play® Methodology, there were several firsts:
– A new design thanks to #Bricks4Change core team
– A new medium – mostly virtual
– New circumstances – given a global lockdown and pandemic
– A non-corporate subject and set-up

When the youths speak we listen

Here follows our dialogues in a rapid-fire sequence with pictures. And what we gained out of them: wisdom from the youth!
This our FOURTH conversation using Lego Serious Play(LSP) and although local, due to a nationwide lockdown we used a virtual medium.
Subsequently we’ve had several meaningful conversations with youngsters from ages 10 to 27. This continues. Keep watching this space for more.

Kabir: Student
City: Mumbai
Country: India

…the pandemic has reduced the pollution levels

It’s a milestone year for Kabir, as he steps into his teens today, 3rd July. Happy Birthday Kabir!
The dialogue with young Kabir is a perfect example of how a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY session allows the person to go deeper and deeper into the subject. Kabir started with the immediate fallout of the pandemic, the ‘gift’ that the virus has brought to us. He talks about the immediate fallout of the virus, cancelled exams for his cousin sis, cleaner roads He triumphantly proclaims how he is getting better at some online games he has been playing. His model is all about victory and winning. A hand raised up showcases that!

A Mature View

When the youths speak we listen. Didn’t we say that before? As our conversation continues we get deeper into what the lockdown and its effects have brought us. The roads are cleaner, says Kabir, and there’s less pollution after the lockdown resulting from the pandemic. What will he do as his contribution to the planet? “I will plant more trees” he says. His belief that even a small action matters is well showcased in that statement.

The Lego Serious Play Session: Our individual takes

“I enjoyed the session as it was fun and creative” says Kabir

“I enjoyed the session as it was fun and creative” enthuses Kabir when we finish and ask him for feedback.
As for me, the conversation has offered a deeper insight into both: the youth’s take on Climate Change and the Lego Serious Play Methodology. Most importantly, I am conscious of one fact: this is the thinking of a brand new teenager! And somehow that makes me proud.

As you step into your thirteenth year, Kabir, even before you are known as a teenager, keep thinking and dreaming big, never forgetting the world at large.

Do you want to know more? Or be part of this challenge?

To get more info on this global dialogue with the youth, a Bricks4Change initiative using the Lego Serious Play Methodology, click here. It’s on till 22nd July.
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