16 Sep 2020

Introducing My Alchemy. And Myself. And My Participants.

Introducing My Alchemy

I just finished yet another batch of my writing workshop. A workshop that runs across 16 hours, 4 weekend, 2 hours each session. Plus time every week for individual feedback for each assignment. And then there’s the time I spend one-on-one with each participant. 24 hours. Not to mention the time I take to create the modules. But don’t count that time!

Introducing My Alchemy. And Myself.

Count my 30+ years of experience
It’s my years, nay decades of reading.
My post graduation in English Literature.
My two decades and more in one of the world’s best advertising agencies. With the world’s best people as my colleagues, leaders, team mates and (some) lifelong friends.
And finally my passion for reading, writing and then wanting to share.
My desire to infuse others with the same love I have for language, for reading, for writing and finally for expressing with clarity.
The chemical combination of all these elements and of course some motivated individuals who desire to do more, want more and write more is priceless. The total is simply greater than the sum of its parts. But hey, this is about writing and not about math right? So if you want your words to count, this is where you should be!

Class pic

Introducing My Alchemy. Myself. And (*drumroll) my participants

Here’s feedback from one of my participants – each one coming from a rich and diverse background with one singular passion – to write.

This is what Biju K (located in the US) says about My Alchemy

“I loved this class and feel a pang of regret that it is over. Vaishakhi filled my weekend mornings over one month with a very engaging class. Everyone who wants to improve their writing skills (personal or work) should take this class to start out on their writing journey.

Vaishakhi has worked in the corporate world and she has a unique ability to provide professional guidelines for those looking to improve their work writing. She also has her own blogging presence and is able to bring writing tips that apply to the online world into the class. Her life work has been in the creative space so the creative writers trying to get that novel they know is inside them, are also going to benefit hugely. How she managed to get my right-brained mind to produce a short story is beyond me, but I found the techniques from the exercise immediately relevant to the way I write my emails at work.  

And he continues…
I loved the Alchemy mental model of the elements combining that she has developed – and as she said in class, it is great to have a mental model / framework to build on. Like everything that involves learning, it pays to learn the rules, so that you know where and how you can break them. 

I recommend this class to anyone who has never done one (like I hadn’t) – and especially if you are looking for an engaging, right level of intensity (without going overboard) kind of starting experience. I really appreciated the fact that she created the environment of a physical class by letting the conversation flow amongst class attendees – there is nothing worse online than a one-way “teaching” delivery without conversational participation – Vai made sure that the opposite happened and I found myself joining the class early – always a sign of enthusiasm. 
Highly recommended – 5 star rating”.

(If the Highly recommended -5 star rating appears bold, it’s intended. It is a bold thing to say!)

Thanks Biju K.
It was great having you in the class and I look forward to your publishing some of your writing soon.

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Announcing new batches for My Alchemy: the online writing workshop. Choose between weekdays – every Wednesday – 7pm to 9pm IST or Weekends Saturday & Sunday 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm IST. Learn all the important elements you need to know about writing well, writing effectively and writing with clarity.
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5 thoughts on “Introducing My Alchemy. And Myself. And My Participants.”

  1. Hey! This is awesome Vaishakhi! Including a weekday batch of My Alchemy will be great! I wish everyone would take advantage and join because I believe that everyone has things they want to say , to communicate… My Alchemy is the best fun way to learn to bring them out more effectively….Throughout the sessions you were constantly engaging, inspiring and pushing us to bring out,what’s in our hearts! And what’s more, even after the sessions you are doing everything to help us keep our ink flowing!!
    So, to all would be alchemists…. go register yourselves and write right!

    1. Yes Alpana. A lot of people want to keep their Sundays for other things. So this once-a-week options seemed like a good idea! I am glad you feel the same. Thanks!

  2. I’d love to be a part of this .. may be the next batch. Always loved writing and infant wrote my first article for a college magazine. Will be great to add this skill to my toolkit 🙂

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