31 Jul 2020

Wisdom from the Youth #10

Wisdom from the youth is part of a series of posts on our interactions with young people for the dialogue on Climate Change (now against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic). These were each in their own way eye-opening. The focus was on looking at the positives coming out of this pandemic and how the youth felt about the bigger challenge that faces humanity – Climate Change. While we were familiar with the Lego® Serious Play® Methodology, there were several firsts:
– A new design thanks to #Bricks4Change core team
– A new medium – mostly virtual
– New circumstances – given a global lockdown and pandemic
– A non-corporate subject and set-up

What we gained: Yet another viewpoint

Here follows our dialogues in a rapid-fire sequence with pictures. And what we gained out of them: wisdom from the youth!
This is the TENTH conversation using Lego Serious Play(LSP) and across the globe using a virtual medium.

Neil : Student
City: Plano
Country: USA

Learning new things!

Neil has been extremely busy during this locked-down period. He began working on the process for his driver’s license. At sixteen he is old enough to be driving. But that is not the only drive Neil has embarked on. He has motored along and learnt two new programming languages – Java & Python.

Seeing the larger picture

Like most of us, Neil is cooped up in his house along with his family. He mentions how his sister who works in Cincinnati had recently (and thankfully) come back home due to the quarantine. And with the family being together, Neil considers himself extremely fortunate and thankful that they have a roof above their heads.

Neil senses that, during this quarantine, people have become generous and caring especially towards those who cannot afford the basic necessities of life. He feels this demonstrates how society and humanity is developing through this situation.

The earth is becoming greener thanks to most humans beings locked in. Neil is concerned how car emissions are affecting the ozone layer. Adoption of climate change measures is extremely essential towards our transition to a greener future.

Neil hopes that we can come up with better and greener alternatives for automobiles. He envisages a future where each person contributes towards a greener planet by using green modes of commute.

In appreciating this larger picture of life, Neil has shown that he has a very sensible head on his shoulders.

The Lego Serious Play Session: Our individual takes

“Both of my LSP facilitators (Vaishakhi and Nishant) were very helpful during the session and guided me with ease throughout the whole process. I could understand them and the challenge was not very “challenging”. I also like how both of them listened to my thoughts and added onto them as we went. Overall, this was a great session and I do look forward to working with LSP and doing such challenges (if available to me) in the future.” remarked Neil

My insights

I was extremely impressed with Neil’s grounded outlook of the the world. Throughout the session his sharing was positive and forward looking. It warms the heart to meet and interact with youth like Neil as they have their hearts as well as their heads in the right places!

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